Male Escorts?

I'm frequently contacted with variations of:
"I want to be a male escort. Can I work with you / How do I get started?"

The vast majority of my clients are straight men.
They would absolutely never want another man present.
My 'couples' clients feel the same way.

I have never never, never, ever been asked for a 'male escort' to join us.
We are NEVER going to MEET EACH OTHER, let alone WORK TOGETHER, OK?

If you are genuinely inquiring, read : This forum post It's over 20 pages long, full of messages from other wanna-be male escorts, talking about how they got ripped off.

Still interested? Read the guides on and join / post on the forums.

The short answer there will be: If you accept this and now decide you want to be a gay or bi male escort, The same goes for any 'male-escorts' wishing to have a photo-session / cam with me.
All female and Trans escorts view these requests, for exactly what they are:

A 'Chancer' trying to get a free session with us.

Now, go away and stop annoying me !