Any Questions ?

Q. Bareback/unprotected penetration
A. No!

The risk of Aids means I never will. Remember, if any escort will with you, she does it with others. and that puts you at a huge risk of infection.

If you ask for me to have bareback sex with you, I terminate the call and blacklist your number.

No exceptions.

Q. I'm a guy and want to work with you.
A. Please read This useful information

Q. Can I use / will you supply illegal drugs?
A. Eeeak!

{Cue: John McEnroe voice-over}
You cannot be serious!

No to both.
I don't use drugs.
Professional escorts do not use drugs.
We find such requests insulting.

If you go into my bathroom and I'm aware you're snorting drugs or shooting-up or whatever, the session will immediately finish, without any refund. Same holds for violent behaviour towards me or you have VISIBLE STI's: you're out, no refund.

Please ask for further information at your local police station.


Q. Couples? Can my Partner and I have a 'Threesome' with you?
A. Sure, that would be fun! (I love women)

Q. So you are on hormones. Do you still get hard? / Will you fuck me?
A. I still get VERY HARD. I love sex action. & it shows. I'm passive only, I can use toys on you though.

Q. I'm a nervous newby, & straight, is that ok?
A. Yes, of course! Most of my clients are straight men & first timers as well. {though many then become my regulars}

Q. Discretion is really important to me..
A. Yep. Me too. None of my neighbours know what I do. I've off road parking with a discrete entrance.

Q. Are you able to travel abroad with me?
A. Yes of course. My passport is female so this would be lovely.

Q. I'd like to see you after work but you know, can I freshen up at yours?
A. Yes of course. I've a double power shower you are welcome to use.

Q. Are you really convincing? I've been to a couple of Ts's but they were more like men in dresses. Um, are your breasts real or are they implants or worse still breast forms in a bra? Is your voice female or male? Finally, what's your flat like? Untidy dirty flat smelling of stale cigarettes or something classier? (I've had a few bad experiences, you can tell, can't you?)
A. (Jodie knowingly smiles) I look like a very beautiful woman. I'm only EVER assumed to be a woman by strangers, and am frequently chatted up, as such. My breasts are the real deal. 38 B cup pert sensitive with suckable nipples; I love that! And they are hormone induced, so they are the real deal, rather than implants, which look good but don't feel natural.

My voice is totally female, a very sexy sounding one. You will find that out when you phone me. You may well think you've mis-dialed. You haven't. Finally, I've a luxury apartment which is both clean & tidy. I live here and those sorts of things are important to me. I don't smoke either so it all smells clean and fresh. A bit like me :-)

Q. I've seen other escorts but felt rushed..
A. My normal sessions are for 60 minutes duration. I like to get to know you properly. Of course a longer session is even more appealing. With this in mind, my three hour fee is just a fraction more than my two hour fee. That's to encourage you to treat yourself! Our liaison can be for as long as you like. From one hour in length to an evening, weekend or maybe you would like to book me for a week abroad. Yes we can even do that. It's all down to two things: How long you wish to spend with me & lets be blunt: how deep your pockets are. ;-)

Usually after a full long session, you will be making excuses to leave when you realise just how long you stayed, & how late you are going to be getting home or back to the office. But you will come back, which is nice. :-)

Q. Will you put make-up & women's clothes on me?
A. I don't offer a dressing service. But you are welcome to bring along any things of your own, to change into.

Q. I'm 21, will you see me?