Ok lets see if we can get on the same page with this one.

Pay-sex is illegal in most of the USA. So every escort website in the USA has a disclaimer, which will say something along the lines of:

"You are paying for my time and company only".
"If anything else happens it's my decision and is not a purchasable service."

This faux legalese is, in theory, there to protect Escorts from law enforcement entrapment. Of course no one is fooled by this semantic game. If the cops over there read such a disclaimer, they certainly are not fooled. Indeed, I'm sure that the spouses of clients aren't either. It's mainly put up to give USA escorts defence attorney something to use when negotiating down the charges.

However, selling or paying for sex in the UK, is TOTALLY LEGAL. Neither of us is breaking the law.

Marriage vows are another matter and totally between you and your partner (and if you use one, your God)

Ok, with me so far? Good!

All payment made to me (cash only I'm afraid!) is strictly in return for us having a load of super-orgasmic raunchy sex-fun!

Anything else that takes place between us such as:

Conversation, tea drinking, or talking about our holidays, is purely a matter of coincidence and choice between consenting adults and is certainly not a paid-for service.

So there!