If you are a significant distance from me, I will require a deposit, prior to my visit.
This will be a Bank Transfer to a Tesco PrePaid Account

Simply use the details below, via internet banking.
This credit is often immediate. But it can take several hours
to be visible in my account. So please allow for this

Recipient Bank: Tesco Bank
Account type: Personal Account
First Name of payee: Tesco
Last Name of payee: PrePaid
Sort Code: 40 - 64 - 16
Account number: xxxx xxxx. (I will supply the 8 digit number)
Payment Reference: PrePaid Account

Note. The Payee details will not verify. This is fine if you enter
the above Sort Code & the supplied account number.

Please also take a photo of the Transaction Confirmation
page from your bank account.
Thank you. xxx